The Micky Mouse Mast Cam

Neville did a good photo comparison video of this feature at the foot of Mt Sharp today. Some questionable terrain feature differing photo match ups were discovered. This is why I mostly feature images from the Navigation Camera. My thought has always been, that since this camera is used to plan the rovers drive the image is less likely to be monkeyed with. Perhaps a different team with a different agenda has control of Curiosity’s mischievous Micky Mouse Mast Cam.

We Keep Keeping On On

No followers, just an occasional look. Got to keep the station running, no point worrying about the ghosts of Mars.  Got some ghost friends of my own that tell me funny stuff.

“The library will endure; it is the universe. As for us, everything has not been written; we are not turning into phantoms. We walk the corridors, searching the shelves and rearranging them, looking for lines of meaning amid leagues of cacophony and incoherence, reading the history of the past and our future, collecting our thoughts and collecting the thoughts of others, and every so often glimpsing mirrors, in which we may recognize creatures of the information.” 
― Jorge Luis BorgesThe Library of Babel

I try to come up with some original writings, some thoughts that are mine alone. Why do I like Dinosaur jr? Probably due to the containment of pain. Pain contained in a song is better than universal suffering.

My day as recorded here. Hauled the cupboards out of the kitchen we are remodeling and stored them behind the shed. Hung some Christmas lights on the house. Drove into town and saw the Seahawk game. Got home and watched Tucker and Ingram on the YouTube. Looked at photos of Mars from the rover. Opened this blog.

Elaboration? Half way to Anchorage it started raining even though it was 24 degrees. Richard Sherman got hurt. Washington is swampy.

And my blog? They say you only get out of life what you put into it. I put my self into life 55 years ago and got Love. The rest is window dressing Thank you Life-God.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 
― Jalaluddin Rumi

Deal With Hollywood

“I have to choose what I detest – either dreaming which my intelligence hates, or action, which my sensibility loathes; either action, for which I wasn’t born, or dreaming, for which no one was born.

Detesting both, I choose neither; but since I must on occasion either dream or act, I mix the two things together.”
― Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disquiet

Endless Down Time

Glad Curiosity is fixed and on the move again. Sorry about the lack of content creation for the anomaly groups. The two week rover stationary down time exacerbated my lazy computer gamer impulses. On the bright side I was able to save Earth from the Aliens in the game X-Com 2. New Haz Cam photo. Undistorted, scaled, sharpened, contrasted, colorized and highlighted for you convenience. Whew, after all that work I better play some Total Warhamer 2, my dwarves got some grudges to settle.

Hey Diddle Diddle…

Cat and the Fiddle

Did Gene Tierney have alien DNA?

It’s a cold night for alligators
It’s a cold night for dogs
The dogs choke on their barking
When they see alligator persons
In the bar head fall

It’s a cold night for alligators
When men turn into them in the night
It’s a cold night for alligators
It’s a cold night for their might

It’s a cold night for alligators
Hiding behind the trees and moss
Forever hear the swampers screaming
They forever have lost

It’s a cold night for alligators
In the blender
It’s a cold night for alligators
A perfect monster has no end

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