Space Force

You got to dream big.  Man is a genius. The navy wanted to have the space ships, but back in the fifty’s the air force outmaneuvered them and got control of low earth orbit. Trump is speaking to marines, and telling the navy that the dream of Navy space battle ships may be alive again. Classic divide and conquer. Playing one branch off another. Like a Boss.


“… of the Holy Grail with the Golden Cradle of Jesus also has its origins in the legend of King Arthur. Cape Fiolent was visited by the Russian Emperors in order to bow down to this Holy site. …
… to worship, though not longer fully aware of the true meaning of these holy places. 14. King Arthur. # The Horde wars and the conquests of a latter epoch of the XIV-XVI cc. were falsely inserted …
… not longer fully aware of the true meaning of these holy places. 14. King into the Life of Arthur-Christ. For example the story of the Battle of Kulikovo has been inserted. In it Arthur is …
…Dmitryi Donskoy (Emperor Constantine) and also with the Biblical David. The well-known battle of Arthurwith a fierce giant is David fighting Goliath. That is once again the Battle of Kulikovo. # The …
…King Uhter is King Herod, and in other fragments it is the Holy Spirit who procreated Christ (Arthur). # The story of Arthur‘s birth is the Gospel story of the Immaculate Conception and the …”


The Big Stuff

Mars satellite photo. Looking at the area now to the lower right of that massive ruin that I featured yesterday. The first photo is a zoom out of the entire ruin. A huge structure just beyond the base of Mt Sharp. Included in the inserts are super closeups of artifacts of freaky odd alien designs and shapes. The second photo is the normal medium zoom in of the lower right area, note the perfect oval standing on its side to the lower right. Always so very cool to find a big ruin complex and share it with you.


It’s always fall on Mars, and being alone is all these ruins can do.


Ya Make a Me Crazy!

As we come to the end of our survey of Mars HiRise landscape strip PSP_010217_1745_RED.JP2, I would like to take this moment to thank all the planetary scientists and students at the University of Arizona. You do an amazing job of bringing these wonders of Mars to the public, your work on cataloging and presenting the images is outstanding. Also a grudging shout out to the Google Earth people for adding Mars. Your company makes me crazy, but I am OK with your team. Thank you all from us rogue space buffs.

Why I like Mac

Well, he was almost a friend, he could have been a friend, he died and is a friend from the past.  The great sadness is more abundant in the universe than dark matter. Beyond the lost horizon and underneath ruined city is where I dwell.  Hi Mac, we got together at last, all it took was a bit of astral polarity juxtaposition.  As I spot the ruins of Mars, you explore them. Sometimes people comment that the satellite photos are too blurry. Little do they realize that all the blurriness is in their soul.

Let’s Play Twister Let’s Play Risk.

Did you see Elon Musk’s post Falcon Heavy launch press conference? I jumped out of my seat when he said he was worried about the rocket getting past the Van Allen radiation belts. Nice jab. He also said that it is difficult to design a space suit that looks good and is functional. Ouch. To get to Mars he has to get humans thru the belts. NASA radiation data can’t be trusted. I can tell you what was in the trunk of the space car. A Geiger counter.

Hit Or Miss

I post some cool Mars photos, get a few views, go into hiding, peek up a few days latter when the coast is clear and post again.  As you can probably guess I am immune to the social addiction of Facebook Twitter and Gab. Hey, at least I got a superpower.

“I have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or I can go mad by ricocheting in between.” 
― Sylvia PlathThe Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

I read her journal about fifteen years ago. I liked it. That was when I was active reading and playing golf. Did not play at all last summer, that was sad.



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