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So I just use this blog to store my Mars photos somewhere else than stupid Facebook, what’s wrong with that? I will never be as chatty as Mac, just the way it is. I like to let others do my talking for me.

“He sadly resumes his path toward a desert that he knows is similar to the one he just crossed, escorted by the pale phantom they call Reason, who lights up the aridity of his path with a weak lantern, and who, when the thirst of passion comes back from time to time, quenches it with the poison of ennui.” 
― Charles BaudelaireLa Fanfarlo


“I’ve found that people who talk about futurism or transhumanism are usually not doing anything particularly technologically significant with their lives.

I must also observe that Mr. Tonnies was a transhumanist, not in-fact a posthumanist, which mainly extends humanism by giving non-humans moral value.

So transhumanism is mostly about implants & robots while posthumanism is largely about animal rights. Btw, antihumanism is cryptic bitching about humanism’s failures.
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We miss you Mac.

New Graphics Mars

Trying out a new scale graphic for the HiRise satellite photos. The Space Needle. I went up in it when I was a little kid back in the seventies. This is an area north of where Curiosity rover is now. Think I will find a smaller reference structure for these extreme zoom in shots, it is taking up too much space. Why did I go up in the Space Needle? Well, it was better than…

Here is actual non zoomed size of the HiRise strip.


What If

Haven’t posted here in a while. Tommy Bolon is dead, does it really matter?

Run down ghost town, no chance for love
No sign of life – just wild dogs howlin’ in the night
That’s what I like
Hey porter come and cut me free
I’m sick of my own company
Sometimes I miss the gold
Most times I miss my home
That’s where I’d go
If I knew which way was home
That’s what I like

Hear ’em howl….

Where The River Goes?

Mars satellite photo of an area on the north east edge of Mt Sharp. Some water flowed out of the mountain fairly recently, interesting features to be seen in the area where the water came out.

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