Bored For The 7th Time

Got to see Corner Shop open for Oasis in Seattle in 98′. That was about the same time I found out about the alien ruins in the solar system. Curiosity Mars Rover has moved a bit, so we got some new views. As new as anything ever gets around here.


When will this inner night – the universe – end
And I – my soul – have my day?
When will I wake up from being awake?

I don’t know. The sun shines on high
And cannot be looked at.
The stars coldly blink
And cannot be counted.
The heart beats aloofly
And cannot be heard.
When will this drama without theater
– Or this theater without drama – end
So that I can go home?
Where? How? When?
O cat staring at me with eyes of life, Who lurks in your depths?
It’s Him! It’s him!
Like Joshua he’ll order the sun to stop, and I’ll wake up,
And it will be day.
Smile, my soul, in your slumber!
Smile, my soul: it will be day!” 

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