Scary Graph Bar

The visitor graph bar that WordPress includes is a bit disconcerting. The more looks, the higher it goes, just like the Tower of Babel. Writing is a dropping of thoughts onto a page to be picked up latter. Seems like quite a bit of work, all that scribbling and comprehending. And when I post someone elses quote it is like we are in a bucket brigade at a library fire.  Is it the great sadness that makes it so hard to write? The tiredness of existence? A loss of creative energy? If the universe is sliding into entropy, with now only pockets of expansive complexity, am I more in tune with the over all vibe, than this jumping lokal called Earth? What ever it is I must have caught it somewhere along the line.   I am not even bothering to correct spelling errors that spellcheck cannot comprehend. At least I am unknown to this AI, at least for now.


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