Just Saying

Here is what I do if somebody comes up to me while I am showing someone Mars photos on my phone and says, “Are You one of those ruins on Mars Conspiracy people?”.
First I say; “I didn’t know you were a fan of the planetary exploration missions, what photos from the probes and rovers are your favorites?”.
Having established that he knows nothing of Mars and is just pulling his opinions out of his butt I than say; I don’t know anything about any ruins all I know is that there are thousands of very strange looking objects and formation seen by the rovers, that never get a close inspection.
Now I understand that the rover is on a geology mission and that many of the weird objects may not qualify as good geology subjects, but to avoid looking at any of them up close just strikes me as a little bit odd, some what curious. That’s all I am saying, that the rover consistently avoids anything strange or bizarre looking.” And that is it. End of conversation.

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