Owls and Crows, or was it…

We got another Mars rover image comparison test. A newer Navigation Camera photo of that interesting object, taken just a day before the Mast Camera shot. Whenever I do these people want me to explain what I see. Well, the object looks quite different in the two shots by the Mast Camera and the Navigation camera. My answer is everybody has to look and decide for themselves if the discrepancy is due to the imaging difference between the two cameras.
What about some theories as to why strange things appear in the Navigation Camera photos, and then turn into rock piles in the color Mast Camera photos?  I started this wacky hobby back in 1998 when I read Richard C Hoagland’s book The Monuments of Mars. So lets go with his theory first.
Theory A. He says there are two groups in NASA, the Owls and the Crows. Or is it Roosters? Anyway. perhaps the crew that run the Navigation and Hazard Cameras are of the Rooster camp and want to show everything that is out there but the people in charge of the color Mast Camera are Owls that have been tasked with censoring. Still the rover drives away from anything anomalous and that crew is in charge of the Navigation shots. So I don’t think that this inter agency squabble would be applicable in this particular micro setting.
Theory B. NASA is a government agency and bureaucracies  are not very efficient so perhaps they said just censor the high resolution Mast Camera photos, nobody cares about the black and white grainy Nav and Haz Camera photos. Call it good and lets head to the bar.
Theory C. My favorite, being a Philip K Dick fan, is that they deliberately show the big anomalies and ruins in one set of photos but not the others. This is part of an ongoing study of how humanity reacts to this forbidden knowledge. Our work in the Space Anomaly Facebook groups is also studied. Now this is where it gets interesting. Part of any sociology study includes the aspect of when some of the subjects realize that they are being studied and how this awareness effects the test group as a whole. The photos of the ruins on Mars that we are allowed to see is part of on overall experiment of just how fit humanity as a whole is for adapting to a galaxy full of aliens. How it will affect us psychologically.
What about all the ruins and artifacts being computer generated?
The early moon photos got lots of ruins, so I am ruling that out. And if you ever use the word Greenland I block you. Same for the flat earth lunatics.

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