Syd and the Floaty Thing

What is that thing that seems to be hanging above home plate? I say, when Mars gets this weird I just have to put on some Syd and roll with it.

Opel -Syd Barrett
“On a distant shore, miles from land
Stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
A dream in a mist of grey…
On a far distant shore…”

Well we got the totem in this new Mars rover photo, but it appears to be rather light hued. Dream? Better call in the expert.

“I have cultivated several personalities within myself. I constantly cultivate personalities. Each of my dreams, immediately after I dream it, is incarnated into another person, who then goes on to dream it, and I stop.

To create, I destroyed myself; I made myself external to such a degree within myself that within myself I do not exist except in an external fashion. I am the living setting in which several actors make entrances, putting on several different plays.”  -Fernando Pessoa

The streets are empty tonight, the Relay Station has no visitors. My dreams remain undisturbed.  Quiescent.  It is when they stress and strain against the expectations of others, and attempt to become real that the pain birds flutter about creating quite a cacophony of screeching desires.


The pebble that stood alone
And driftwood lies half buried
Warm shallow waters sweep shells
So the cockles shine… -Opal

Still spinning and bright, so constant and relentless my thought of my self. My self thought. I was taught that that was fraught with decay, but the flowing events wash over my memory of what I have lost.

“I crave time in all its duration, and I
want to be myself unconditionally.”   -Fernando Pessoa

A bare winding carcass, stark
Shimmers as flies scoop up meat, an empty way…
Dry tears…
Crisp flax squeaks tall reeds
Make a circle of grey in a summer way, around man
Stood on ground… -Opal

So it is back to Mars, where time stands still. The eons pass and the relics glitter in the pale sun. Where I am able to wander and forget all that has happened on Earth and with my life of detached regret.

“I’m trying
I’m trying to find you!
To find you
I’m living, I’m giving,
To find you, To find you,
I’m living, I’m living,
I’m trying, I’m giving” -Opal

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