“In this metallic age of barbarians, only a relentless cultivation of our ability to dream, to analyse and to captivate can prevent our personality from degenerating into nothing or else into a personality like all the rest. Whatever is real in our sensations is precisely what they have that isn’t ours. The sensations common to us all are what constitute reality. Our sensations individuality, therefore , lies in whatever they have that’s erroneous. What joy it would give me to see a scarlet colored sun! How totally and exclusively mine it would be!”

Fernando Pessoa  The book of Disquiet #369

Perhaps there is another explanation for my lack of likes at the Facebook space anomaly groups and the limited visits to this blog even though there are over 80000 members that have been notified of its existence. It could be that there are only 80 members, that it is a Potemkin village created for the gifted. After all I only got one response to my question last week about the groups being shadowbanned, and he said it was all a psyopps.

But I do have my scarlet colored sun, mine and mine alone this beautiful exotic and mysterious Mars. And if I do display my glorious vision of Mars underneath a paper moon then all the better.



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