Falling for Time


Say I had one of these back in 1978, and I walked around my childhood home, the backyard and the street out front videoing it in it’s entirety. And then say I put the footage in storage, and only now set it up for viewing with VR goggles. I am now walking around in VR in my distant past home. My conscious awareness is now back in time. Would there appear back when the footage was shot my ghost or astral projection? How strong would the emotional link to the past have to be for this to occur?

I has such a longing and nostalgia well up into the late 90’s. At some point in time an awareness came over me that time was working hand in hand with my mind to kill me. Sooner(mind) or latter(time). That the awareness of time is a double bind. If I stay in the moment I forget to save money for my bills. But when I future trip or remember then this day is but a footnote.

Say that a kids parents put a mini 360 VR camera chip on their child, and every moment of his life is recorded. And then when he is in the old folks home he views his entire past life over and over again reminiscing.  When he dies he gets to heaven and the angels say, “OK, we are going to review your life now”. And he says ” Na, no thanks, I have seen that series way to many times. Got anything new? How about someone else’s life?”

I do have a time machine on my computer right now that will take me to the past, and my boyhood home. It is called Streetview. On Google Earth. Not very far in the past but the past none the less.


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