Let’s Get to Work

Got a new photo from Curiosity Mars Rover. Quite intriguing. Lot’s of geometric shapes to be seen. There are a few things that will happen to a human when they view alien artifacts. The first psychological effect of being exposed to a truly foreign and non human construct is a disruption of the overlords mental cocoon. The citizens entire world view has been created for them out of whole cloth. Happiness is based on integration and acceptance of it. Any tearing of the belief shroud will cause agitation.

We had better take a remedy right now, a mind shifting to a greater acceptance of the strange can be had with the right music.

Got it playing? Good.

This object has only mild alien strangeness attributes, and so is good as an introduction. Don’t want to run before we can walk. Sometimes I like to take the artifacts out of the lab and onto the street. Showing them to friends at work and around town is great fun, making people shut down mentally is good for a lark. Crouch down you Hobbits, back into your hidey holes.



Been at this so long don’t even take it seriously anymore, just another diversion. Something to talk about. Seems strange to me that in order to be acknowledged in our culture one has to stake out some territory. Mac Tonnies realized this somewhere along the way and so came up with his  Cryptoterrestrials theory. By doing this he made a name for himself and immediately got on the Coast to Coast show. The problem with this plan to get ahead is that one is then bound to this or that cockamamie theory for the rest of their lives. Mac probably did not care about this drawback, as he was about to die anyway.


The Music seems to have run out. I found this band on the Tube a few weeks ago, very strong.

So what is my angle? Why do I blog? Why do I write?

“A book is a suicide postponed.”   -Emil M. Cioran

Each letter, every world, means that I am free of sitting at the keyboard, or sitting standing crouching or laying anywhere actually. A postponement of being-not being. I like how the words appear on the screen, one at a time. Slowly crawling across the page. Not active, not becoming, at least not until some body reads them and then they are some one else’s problem.

Here is Nev’s imaging. He has a much higher image and grafix skill set than I.




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