Bit of a Mystery

Hmm, well there are 72000 combined top Facebook space anomaly group members. I am a top ten content provider. I make a big announcement a few days ago telling people about my new blog. And according to WordPress stats I have 6 visitors. Very puzzling. Let’s work this thru, shall we?

Say only a quarter of the group members are still active. That’s say 16000. Now of those say only a quarter of them have been active in the three days that I made my announcement. So 4000. Now of these people say half read my post or seen my blog address on the photos.  2000. Now of these say only a quarter read blogs at all. 500.

So out of 500 people only 6 checked out my blog? That number seems a bit off. I had anticipated twenty to thirty.

Now we have to come up with some analysis of this curious situation. The time has come for my favorite part of the show, where Poirot or Holmes engage in far reaching speculation.

Theory A. I have vastly inflated the number of active Facebook space anomaly group members. instead of a quarter still on, perhaps only a tenth, or fiftyth?

Counter to Theory A. The main combined group with 72000 members just got an additional 60, so it is growing new members at a steady rate. Exclusive Mars Images 44. Mars – A civilization lost 68. These seem adequate to replace lost members.

Theory B. The number that have seen my announcement is way to high.

Counter to B. Possible, but I spam artifacts pretty heavy, and the readership are quite a bit more aware than the average mentally village localized Earth dweller.

Theory C. The number that reads any blogs ever is to high.

Counter to C. People in Facebook groups are very social media conscious, don’t think so.

Theory D. The top content providers in the space anomaly hunting field are ether cognitive dissonance agents or have been cocooned in a Facebook shadow ban Matrix.

I would get busy with my life except for the fact that I don’t have one.

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