Rock Band Abduction

Where did they go? Found a new favorite band on YouTube this week, The Spyrals.

They have a few albums out, been playing together since 2012. And now they are gone. Don’t mean they have broken up, they are completely gone from all new music news. Their agents web site still has them up for touring, but the have not toured since mid 2015. One would think there would be at least a music news story about them being on hiatus. I went twenty pages deep on duck duck go, and Google, nothing. Also very strange is their Twitter and Facebook posts end at the same time. Mid 2005.  Youtube comments? Nothing.

The last post on Facebook is about their tour of Russia. Do you thing they got caught up in some kind of espionage trouble? Is the photo on Facebook of 007 a desperate cry for help? Go to any song on YouTube, in two years of no touring and no new songs, there is not one comment about where did they go. No one wondering what happened to them. It is eerie strange and freaky weird. It is like I am in the Matrix, and nobody can see that the band is gone. We are in Dark City territory here.

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