If M was U and 6 was 9

“Continuing on its path through the outer regions of the solar system, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has now traveled half the distance from Pluto – its storied first target – to 2014 MU69, the Kuiper Belt object (KBO) it will fly past on Jan. 1, 2019.”

Two thousand and nineteen? Perhaps I will finally have upgraded my computer by then.

I do not know how people are so blase about space exploration. It is kind of funny, ten minutes ago I had no idea MU69 even existed, and now I am furiously planning the arrival party.  And knowing that I now know that I don’t know what it looks like, what possible delights it may have on the surface has got me in quite a state of agitation. I am amped up about that lil celestial body, got my head in a whorl just thinking about what exotic outer limits wildness awaits.


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