Boss, Wife, Mother, and Brother called me, told them to F off, not fooling me Bob

Then I called the IRS agent as Bob, threatened murder, Bob’s pastor was next with an offer of homosexual sex, and lastly I called Bob as himself and said I was his doppelganger and was coming to kill and replace him.

‘Eerie tech promises to copy anyone’s voice from just 1 minute of audio’

So how far do you want to be revived Mac? Shall I get this program, connect it to text to speech, and have you read me your blog? Perhaps I do not want to become the reanimator, still the job has it’s own brand of coffee.  Got to get some now, coffee not alien robot zombie corpses. Way too early to go digging at the graveyard, scrounging at the tech shop, and hunting for a crashed UFO.



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