The Station is Back

Mars Relay Station is back up and better than ever. Has it really been twelve years? My how the time does fly by. That is me, some hexagons for wargameing, and a really weird light on the wall that I just noticed when looking for a recent selfie. It looks like the mother spirit from the video game Dragon Age. Why so strange all the time life?


But forget about weird stuff on Earth, weird stuff on Mars is what this blog is all about.


Seems like only yesterday I was chatting with Mac Tonnies on his Posthuman blog, following the Enterprise Mission website (Back when it was updated more than once every six months), and Blogging about Spirit Rover on my Mars Relay Station blog on Blogger. I went back to my  blog recently, but it was gone. Replaced by a cell phone add. How strange, that my writings are now gone.  Unless they are on an old hard drive in a junk box somewhere.

I had some life disruptions starting about 2006, a rocky divorce, death of a loved one, that took me away from blogging about Mars, and paranormal outer space theories for a few years, and so I did not find out that Mac Tonnies had died until about 2011. I got back into the space anomaly quest about six months after Curiosity landed when I joined some space anomaly Facebook groups.  This past week I have gone back to Mac’s blog and have been reading his postings from the 2005-2006 era when I was a part of his online life. Been reading about him also. What an amazing man. I have recently come across this post from him, and seeing it for the first time I almost cried.


2005, now 2017! I am still not getting the hang of this time slipping by thing. So what to say? If things had been different we could have been friends. After hitting 50 I have come to realize that the regret pile only gets bigger and bigger. And it is harder and harder to meet kindred spirits.

Me in a coffeeshop

And so this new Relay Station is dedicated to you Mac. Hope to do you proud.


The planets keep spinning around the Sun, life goes on in it’s relentless way and we still have work to do. Here is the latest HiRise JP2 Mars orbital photo I have been looking at. Just found a rather large block sticking out of the side of this hill. For a larger photo check my Flicker link.


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